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Sabtu, 14 Juli 2012

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 Advanced Adfly bot by dragonpiper
This is a bot I actually produced which clicks your hyperlink and after that clicks a hyperlink through the network of individuals utilizing the plan. The particular much more individuals who also make use of the plan the much more $money$ everyone makes. When you near the plan your hyperlink is eliminated through the network and re-added once u start the plan again.
1. Get into Web page link
two. Press start until it dissapears(This may begin the procedure and add your hyperlink in order to the network)
8/1/2010 Update: Serwera proxy support added
8/3/2010 Update: Set pests.
8/6/2010 Update: Made Clicking a lot faster 8/6/2010 Update: Transformed clicking design and eliminated waste materials clicking
8/6/2010 Update: Added choice in order to choose your very own proxy checklist
8/6/2010 Update: Transformed Hosting company
8/6/2010 Update: Flipped network back upon
8/17/2010 Update: Server Need to end up being up fully of the period right now =D
8/17/2010 Update: Set some pests
8/17/2010 Update: Now able in order to make use of internet explorer along with the robot simply because long because proxys are not enabled.
8/17/2010 Update: Should be able to run each our robots simultaneously right now unless proxys are enabled upon each.
8/17/2010 Update: Clicking rate modified.
8/25/2010 Update: Set exiting bug.
8/29/2010 Update: Added exit press button in order to press button beneath show/hide press button
10/25/2010 Update: Modified Hyperlink system

Download: Advanced Adfly Robot

Right now i am using a free webhost which goes down frequently causing the bot to malfunction. Donating will help me to get a webhost that is up 100% of the time.
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